One day, it will be every day.

for Ben on his quarter century birthday:

I'm seeing shine to sight,
fullness flying in flight;
Redemption is complete.

He's usually like the wind
and I believe
the trees will surely clap
their hands in time,
in rhythm and rhyme.
a jubilee will arise.

He follows me;
He goes before-
leaving clues and sunsets
to remind me of where I am going,
and where I am from,
and whose daughter I am.


I know there is more to how I sometimes live- confined by this world and the smallness of my own thoughts and boxes. Why do I allow this? Today I see a newness in light reflecting off of leftover snow, and peace in knowing everything will get done. I could see this newness and peace every day. One day, it will be every day.

Prayers for us to see the newness and peace, to know that everything that needs to, will get done eventually. Love.

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