solar flare

Perhaps the world will "end" this summer from a solar flare.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_flare> and
That may be nice. I imagine who I would like to live with if we formed a colony or commune. Life would feel more real living that way... farming, making our own entertainment. To me this is appealing, and I don't believe I would miss technology much (especially if missing technology was directly linked with being more acquainted with reality...and the potential power of each moment today).

Okay maybe that's a lie. I think I would miss technology and all of the innovation we have accomplished. (I write this while checking my favorite blogs and following fashion weeks and watching Garance Dores new web series and...etcetera)

So I suppose the appeal is simplicity... making my own paint, building, gardening, slower days.

Dear self: Let's make an effort to make life a bit more simple.
Self: Sounds lovely.

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