today's self-talk & update

this afternoon's self talk: Steady now. Let's be intentional self. Breathe now and you will keep going. Get full; eat up. Drink from the Cup and overflow. You've got it. Keep walking through the storm and through the desert. You know these landscapes- you've been here before. You know there's nothing that He cannot do.

update: Josh's sister got married Saturday. I graduated from Ohio State Sunday (yay for lots of family togetherness). My wonderful parentals bought me a new car (wow). Tuesday, I went to Nashville with three lovely ladies to camp and shoot a music video for Jenny & Tyler (adventure and mini escape). Video is a powerful medium. Now I see the world through video instead of photographs, haha. Today I am putting together a resume for the perfect job for me: working with artists who are developmentally disabled and helping to run a gallery (yes Lord!).


here's a song/video from jenny & tyler- they are such awesome people and let us sleep on their floor when our tent got soaked. such a sweet road trip :) now listen to their music:


theres something about the time of night when all the moments of the day begin to collide. sometimes this is a wonderful collision, other times it's confusing. tonight it mostly hurts.

i am at the brink of starting over and everything, graduating blah blah blah. I'm excited about it, but it hurts.
and it's time again to move on, to transition. thankfully thankfully thankfully this time it is not a gray sky warning. Instead I see day dreams of me, alive and singing the songs that have yet to surface. That is something to be excited about.

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