inspiration for "we can breathe underwater"

Lately I have been stewing over a new series of paintings: "We can breathe underwater." Hopefully they are soon to be articulated; for now, here are some images of inspiration that are floating in my mind:

These Julie Lansom photographs have my attention and I keep coming back to them. The beauty and mystery of double exposure is haunting but so alluring. She celebrates the female form well, at least in the lower image. I don't think much of her other work, but these two images, and the series they represent, is inspiring to me.

One of my favorite paintings, with and without context. Helen Frankenthaler just passed away at the very end of 2011. This is her first stain painting "Mountains and Sea" (1952).
NYT article covering Frankenthaler: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/12/28/arts/helen-frankenthaler-abstract-painter-dies-at-83.html

This is a painting I did last year: "Meet me by the River"

Christian Cruz

And of course I am on a re-kick of Bon Iver's music video for Holocene:

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