Grace is space

I like being honest with myself.

I am a living sacrifice. My life is walked out on the altar of thanksgiving to my God, my Deliverer, my Strong Tower, my Comforter. The Lord is everything to me. Let it be true of me to be truly laying down my life for you Jesus, just as you went to the fullest extent of that for us. 

I am a sheep. Baa. I fail. I am utterly foolish in the way that I spend my time and energy, creating idols of school, my husband, friends, ministry. But He knows. He knows that deep in me is a hunger for more. It is in that place where He meets me. His grace creates space for that hunger to grow. 

Grace is space. Space for me to fail, to be foolish even with good intentions. 

I am young. 

It’s okay that I don’t have it all together, because: Jesus.

It all comes back to Jesus. 

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