relics of the industrial age


Lucy from Lakewood (beautiful hands), upstate New York


We took the train from Cleveland to New York City's Penn Station yesterday. Thirteen hour journey: very hot (even for me), but lots of relics from the industrial age set to the soundtrack of the rhythmic train. This was romantic for about the first two hours I was actually awake (we left quite early).

Today we went romping about in the city for a bit (very rainy and windy). Saw Rockefeller and that big ole tree (very lovely). Ate pizza. AND I, mostly alone because counterparts weren't as stoked, perused the Chelsea Antique Garage Flea Market= Annie's heaven. Twas glorious.

And we're off tomorrow... should be in Amsterdam by evening... afternoon Ohio time

Also, it has been so encouraging to hear from people about our trip. What a gift. Many blessings have come even in the past week of preparation. Especially from people who have walked through this part of our story with us from the roots. God has been reminding me of moments I hadn't thought about in a long while... promises that others remembered, things He spoke to me while I was with a friend. What a story He is writing. We are truly blessed to feel so supported and covered in prayer, surrounded by people that hold us up. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me even more of this beautiful story and Thank you for going before us in prayer. 

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