Making and Taking, Sunday Mornings

Pedaling fast, passing through the overgrown bike path, my mind takes pictures of this leaf and that sunlight. My eyes capture views for later, for memory. I carry these moments with me for recollection during painting or when I need to grin and appreciate beauty whilst sitting in a cube. 

On Sundays I take and I make. 

The morning is for gathering: thoughts, pretty paper and mind pictures. The morning is also for coffee and cigarettes. 

After stretching, I want to read: poetry, blog posts, news, social media. What’s going on in the world? What new dresses need to be bought? Who is doing something cool and inspiring? I take these pieces of information as well, up to my studio. 

Making begins. Creating newness happens, making meaning on a page or canvas. 

Making art, taking photographs, making meaning, taking meaning, making pictures to take. Creativity is magic. 

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