How Deep?

How Deep?

Diving into the mystery of our own spirit, our own selves- it’s scary. What will it take for me to hold onto this very moment? Instead of wandering toward the future or longing for the way things used to be; I want to be here now. 

I’ve made so many promises to myself. My stomach is full of unmet expectations and hope deferred, all because of pie in the sky standards. 

There have been surreal moments of contentment throughout my story:

Sitting by the big ocean, feeling small and yet so alive at the same time.
Dancing wildly with a man I don’t know, but feeling safe and free. 
Riding fast in the summer breeze, following a dear friend in front. 
Hearing truth and beauty from someone who really cares for me.  
SInging at the top of my lungs any day.

These are moments of clarity, capturing the true essence of this life. It’s the feeling that everything is alright. 

“I’m right where I belong,” my spirit whispers. 

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