when i was young i INSISTED on being called Dorothy...

there's no place like home.
there's no place like home.

and i believe it. everything takes me back to this place (which is really who i am with). and it is a good one.

there is a lovely thread that runs in my family: childlikeness. i am rather fond of it. life is really fun- an adventure in fact...[especially when i forget about what other people think]. i see this thread in so many of those close to me. my grandpa would just break out in song, songs that i had never heard (he loved lawrence welk). his belting was always enough to catch me offguard and make me laugh in surprise and wonder. my mother is the same way. i hope i am too.

everyone's life is a masterpiece-

regardless of how messy and imperfect it may seem. my favorite paintings are really collages with everydayness combined to create a beautiful and depicting image. [rauschenberg]

my grandmother passed away on friday. she was lovely and old and lived a full life. i treasure the moments we had together because she was my connection to the past, to the good ole days. i don't know if they were real, but i want them to be. i so long for heritage and tradition- to know where i came from. i think it helps me see myself.


appropriately- one of my favorite fashion blogs posted this today: http://www.thecherryblossomgirl.com/


  1. The childlikeness in your family influenced me to be forever silly. :)

  2. I love you soooo much Annie and your childlikeness and stubbornness towards being yourself pushes me on to do the same! Love you and miss you!

  3. my darling child, you are awesome love mommy


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